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Top 3 Ways to Get New Construction Leads

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For many contractors, business is booming. Covid has had a massive impact on the amount of remodeling and home improvement projects being undertaken, as more people decide to stay at home. Rather than venturing out and traveling abroad, many US residents are choosing to invest their money directly into improving their homes. For contractors, this is great news.

Did you know that the majority of construction leads come from word of mouth? That’s right, do a good job, make a good impression and your volume of customer referrals can start to grow. But what if you would like to take a more proactive approach to getting new business and generate construction leads? Any home improvement contractor worth his salt knows that there are quieter times and more busy times, and if you would like to take control over your flow of customers, it’s time to step up and start attracting the work to you.

Here are the top three ways to bring new construction leads:


1. Google My Business

With this approach, you can create your own business listing on Google. You can work on your profile by posting images of you at work, or projects you have worked on, and you can also list offers to be able to compete better. You should write about what makes your business better than the competition, and give the visitors a reason to pick you by listing your unique selling points. 

Google My Business is free to use and extremely easy to set up, even for a noob. You can include search and maps, so potential customers can understand the locations you work in. Edit and update your business information at any time and keep your organic construction leads coming in.


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2. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are communities of like-minded individuals who have come together based on a specific shared interest or topic. It could be a school reunion group, a neighborhood community, or a local professionals group, for instance. The best way you can market yourself through Facebook groups is to join as many groups as you can in the region you want to work in. Browse in the search tab for the various neighborhoods you serve in, join them, and start posting. You will also see many requests from people looking for recommendations for your type of work.

This is an excellent way to generate construction leads, and once you complete a project to the homeowners’ satisfaction, you will likely see your name starting to appear more frequently in that group.


Construction leads

3. Leadsbasket

This website helps you market your construction company within a couple of minutes directly to the homeowners looking for your kind of service, whether that be floor installation, painting or home remodeling. You set up a campaign by selecting your region, pricing, your expertise, and hours you work. From here, the LeadsBasket algorithm matches you to the most relevant contstruction leads looking for work to be carried out.

You then start receiving the freshest and most relevant construction leads by email, SMS or you can integrate the leads campaign directly to your CRM if you have one. You can pause the campaign when you get busy, and start it up again when you need some extra work. LeadsBasket is currently offering a FREE $100 coupon for your first campaign. Click here to get your free credit.