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5 Reasons Why Leadsbasket is the Ultimate Solution For Contractors

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What is the perfect scenario for any home improvement contractor? To be busy enough to always have work, but to turn off the work tap when you have enough going on. After all, no one likes to drown in work. That’s where a solution like LeadsBasket comes into play. It gives contractors access to the hottest leads of customers actually looking for their service — whether that be garden design, plumbing, engineer, builder, or even handyman.

Quite simply, LeadsBasket matches quality contractors with actual potential customers. In order to get started contractors must create a campaign. They do this by setting up the parameters of the kind of leads you want to start receiving in these 5 steps.

  1. They set the days and times you want to get your leads
  2. They set the number of leads you want each day
  3. They set the location you want your leads to be based in
  4. They set the price you want per day
  5. They decide if to get the leads via SMS, email or directly to your CRM

Once the campaign is live, the contractor will start getting leads of only people that meet the criteria they have set.


5 Reasons Why LeadsBasket is The Best Option?

1. High-quality prospects

The biggest pain point for contractors that have experienced receiving leads tends to be the quality of the prospects. LeadsBasket is different, it promises its clients exceptional lead quality, as they verify each and every prospect by hand to ensure the integrity of the lead before sending them on.

Start getting leads with LeadsBasket in a matter of minutes

2. No marketing experience is necessary

You do not have to be a marketing expert, or indeed know anything about marketing in order to start getting leads. The simplicity of the product and the user interface means even the most basic internet users can create campaigns. From here leads will arrive directly to your inbox. Or if you are a bit marketing savvy, you can connect your LeadsBasket campaign directly to your CRM, so the leads will populate your system. Leads contain name, phone number, and email, language, address, and specifics about the work the customer needs.

3. Sign up is 100% free

That means you can sign up and test the product out with absolutely no commitment. Leadsbasket is giving new clients a FREE $100 credit to use in their first campaign, which means your first leads are absolutely gratis. Claim your free $100 coupon here.

4. Top tech

The interface is simple to use and the matching engine behind the front end is genius. It is programmed to match the best prospective customers to the most relevant contractors according to their requirements.

5. No commitment

The perfect relationship, one with no commitment. Pause your campaign whenever you are getting too busy or are taking a break from work or stop the campaign for good if you change your mind. Pause and start as often as you would like to get the perfect balance of work and life.

If this sounds super to you, then don’t miss out, Get your free $100 coupon and start your very first lead campaign free of charge right away. Click this link for your free $100 credit: